"Audio-Enable" your Web Application

The Intrasonics JS Decoder is an in-browser audio watermark decoder.

The Intrasonics JS Decoder enables a web-browser to automatically respond to hidden audio triggers heard by a microphone.

JS Decoder is 100% Javascript.  No extra software, plugins or browser extensions need to be installed by your users - so long as they have a microphone and a compatible browser, they're ready to go.

The simple setup required for the JS Decoder means that almost any web-based content can be quickly and easily “audio-enabled”.

How does it work?


Media is encoded

Using Intrasonics software, inaudible sounds are added to audio and video content in an encoding process called Audio Watermarking.


 Codewords detected

The Intrasonics JS Decoder listens via a microphone extracting data from the watermarks it hears.  
The information is then passed to Javascript running in the host web page.


Page responds

The web page hosting the JS Decoder is programmed to respond to audio triggers in exciting and engaging ways.

Potential Uses

Play-along Games / Live Voting

Synchronise browser-based games or initiate live voting using a TV or radio broadcast.

Second-Screen Content

Add further context for viewers by showing additional information, or unlocking exclusive content as they watch.

Web Advertising

Trigger web banners from the ambient audio of radio or TV adverts playing near the end-user.  
See an example.

Digital Signage

Use in-store audio to update display panels with relevant offers.